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Air & Nitrox Fills

SCUBA DIVERSIONS, “The Friendly Dive Store”, is A FULL-SERVICE PROFESSIONAL DIVE STORE located in Central Florida, and serving the scuba diving community world wide since 1984.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best in scuba diving Equipment, Service, Support, Gas fills, Rentals, and certainly the Highest Quality Instruction, always at the Lowest Prices. We are a full service repair facility. With very few exceptions, all of our repairs are done in-house. We offer professional service on most major brands of diving equipment.


REPAIR PRICING: (All labor prices are plus parts)
This price includes complete disassembly (where required), ultrasonic cleaning, replacement of any worn or damaged parts, and reassembly and adjustment to manufacturer’s specifications.


TANK CYLINDER INSPECTION: Includes valve removal and internal inspection.

(inspection for neck cracks is conducted on all aluminum cylinders)


$30.00 (STEEL) $30.00 (ALUMINUM)
(visual inspection certification is also included in the hydrostatic test price)

— Bring your tanks to a professional dive store for filling and for regular inspection —

Visual Internal Inspection is required for scuba cylinders annually, which includes removing the cylinder valve and conducting an internal inspection of the tank for signs of corrosion, contamination, or moisture. If the cylinder is found to be free of contamination or significant corrosion a Visual Inspection sticker is affixed to the cylinder. This inspection is valid for 12 months from time of inspection.

Hydrostatic testing is required for scuba cylinders every five years (by Federal Law), which determines the tank’s ability to safely contain gas fills, under very high pressure. A certified hydrostatic test facility will stamp the shoulder of the cylinder below the valve with the date of hydrostatic test.


We provide both air and nitrox fills to certified divers, with gas fills ranging from air to 100% O2.

GAS FILL PRICES: Based on 80 cu tank size.

COMPRESSED AIR:   $7.00 (80 cubic foot cylinder, fill price varies by size)
NITROX: to 40%   $12.00 (80 cubic foot cylinder, fill price varies by size)

OUR FILLING METHOD is a continued commitment to our customer service. There is a difference! We provide all of our gas fills for dive tank cylinders in a  water bath. Why? Because significant heat is generated when cylinders are filled, and the end result is that you end up with less pressure in the tank after it cools down. Complete immersion in a water bath draws this heat away at a significant rate (25 times faster than an air environment, as you may remember from your scuba diving class). The colder the water is, the more efficient the heat transfer. This not only reduces the time necessary to obtain a full pressure gas fill, it also means that you will have a greater volume of air or gas in your tank.

Additionally, sometimes there are inaudible leaks (burst disc, neck o-ring, valve, etc.) on cylinders for various reasons. Aside from the benefits of a better fill by being immersed in water, any minor cylinder leaks can be detected by being immersed in water.

Heat that is generated during the filling process – will cause a significant pressure drop once the cylinder cools to room temperature, and to diving water temperature. This means you will have a smaller volume of available gas in the event of an emergency. By having a cold, full pressure gas fill, you will have a greater volume of gas for longer dive times, or greater safety.

In recent years many dive stores have gone to dry, hot filling.  This is based on published information which says it is not necessary to cool the cylinder in a water bath. In reality though, to obtain a cool, full pressure gas fill, the cylinder must be filled extremely slow to avoid heating – or it must be allowed to cool to room temperature from the heat that is generated and then topped off to full pressure. Either way, this will take an inordinate amount of time.

DON’T BE FOOLED. The principles of physics cannot be altered. Any cylinder that is filled in an air environment is going to heat excessively. This heating will result in a substantial loss of pressure as the cylinder cools to ambient temperature. When you have a cylinder filled, it should be at rated pressure and at the very least cool, if not cold to the touch. Anything less is unacceptable. The practice of dry, hot filling is actually a decreased level of service. To not ensure a cold, full rated pressure fill is simply a lack of commitment to customer service.


We offer only the best in scuba diving rental equipment. All of the rental equipment that we offer at Scuba Diversions is first-class, and high-performance diving equipment. We offer for rental either Zeagle or Mares regulators. All of our regulator systems have nitrox capable dive computers computers. All of our buoyancy compensators are weight integrated. The BCD that we use for rental is the Zeagle Tec BC. We also offer, Henderson 5MM full wet suits . Both Nitrox and air tanks are available for rental.


REGULATOR (with nitrox computer): $25.00
WET SUIT: $15.00 5mm fullsuit
AIR TANK (Al 80): $8.00
NITROX TANK (Al 80): $12.00
WEIGHTS (to 16 lbs.): $4.00
EQUIPMENT BAG (required): $2.00

* Be sure to bring your Diver Certification card with you when diving or renting scuba equipment.